Foundation classes are designed for dancers just beginning their training or more experienced dancers wanting to improve their technique. AMD offers open classes for young dancers starting in kindergarten and work all the way up to our Teen classes. Classes are available in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Acro, and Musical Theater. Our faculty is dedicated to making sure each dancer gets the training needed to progress while having a blast each week! We strongly recommend that dancers take a ballet class in addition to Jazz, Lyrical or Hip Hop. Classes are separated by both age and ability, if you would like help choosing the perfect class for your dancer please give us a call 480-284-7300!

Ballet is the foundation for all dance subjects. Ballet develops coordination, grace, muscle toning, poise, good posture, flexibility, stamina and endurance. Students will learn proper body placement, alignment and technique. Each child will learn terminology in French, correct body alignment, how to improve their natural turn-out and a love for the most graceful living art.

Our Jazz classes include body isolation’s, flexibility warm-ups, strengthening exercise, a progression of leaps, kicks and turns across the floor and a combination in the center. Jazz classes will focus on proper technique and placement to build a solid foundation for the dancers.

Lyrical/contemporary is a fluid form of dance done to popular ballads and slower contemporary music. The dancer is taught to interpret his or her movement with feeling, motion and style. They will learn to tell a story or create the picture of the song. This style combines the fluid beauty of ballet with the more sharp moves in jazz. A Ballet or Jazz class is recommended along with lyrical/contemporary to build in technique.

Hip Hop
Hip-Hop class is centered around hip-hop dynamics, yet concentrated on today’s video/pop style. The focus of class comes from the combination of power, energy, style, face and technique.

Musical Theater 
What would musical theater be without dance! Students will learn traditional steps and styles straight from Broadway stages. Students will be learning to portray an array of characters through their dancing.  Acting games will be used to allow dancers to explore using different characters and emotion. 

This class will focus on fundamental acrobatic technique, teaching such skills as handstands, cartwheels, back bends, walkovers, back handsprings and more. Teacher evaluation is required for intermediate and advanced acro.