About Emergence

Emergence is an advanced-level competition team that offers dancers a more intensive training program focused on preparing our dancers for the world beyond the competition stage.  Emergence dancers are confident, dedicated, and strong individuals with incredible work ethic.

The inaugural Emergence Team will be made up of dancers ages 13-18 that train approximately 16 hours each week in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, and Hip Hop. Classes are scheduled Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. An exact schedule will be available soon.  On occasion Fridays and Sundays may be used for choreography and rehearsals if needed but we avoid it if possible. Additional Opportunities may be scheduled on any day.

We are thrilled to be offering three teams specifically designed to prepare younger dancers for Emergence! Emergence Juniors (11-13years), Emergence Minis (8-11years) and Emergence Petites (5-8years). These teams will join Emergence for all competitions and conventions, have their own master classes and events geared for their age while still advancing their journey as artists. Some Emergence Juniors may be invited to join Emergence for events and training if the director feels they are ready.

Audition For Emergence

We are now accepting virtual submissions for our 2020-2021 Emergence Teams.

Audition Instructions

  1. Download and fill out the audition form to be submitted along with your audition video.
  2. Learn the following audition combos and video yourself performing them. Be sure we can see your full body, face the camera and don’t forget to perform! You do need a CLI membership to view the audition combos. If you are a current AMD dancer and did not set up your account or you are new to AMD email mandi@artisticmotiondanceaz.com for the info.
  3. Email your video and completed form to mandi@artisticmotiondanceaz.com by Monday June 8th.
  4. Audition results will available the week of June 15th.